New updates and improvements to Clew.
1 year ago
Introducing /slash commands

Introducing /slash commands! 🎉

Wish you could use Clew to quickly search just one integration? Well, now you can!

For example, searching "/github something" will search just GitHub for "something". This works with any integration you can connect to Clew.

The currently available slash commands include:

  • /github for GitHub

  • /gdrive for Google Drive

  • /dropbox for Dropbox

  • /figma for Figma

1 year ago
Introducing Pins

This version introduces a bold addition to Clew. You'd notice that there is an extra panel on the Clew window that generally shows a list of pinned files (you can drag and drop files into it.)

In addition to this, we've also introduced a learning section to Clew. You can click on the purple 'Learn to use Clew' button on the window to access short tutorials on how to use Clew effectively.

1 year ago
Improved Performance

This update is all about performance!

  • Relevant search results are now displayed almost instantly! In other words, search is 90% faster than it was before, going from a range of 500-900ms to under 100ms.

  • We're also working on a new 'quick filters' feature that we've included with this updated. For the moment, if you type in the service name into your search bar (ie "drive"/"github"/etc) it'll filter your past searches to show the results from just that service.

1 year ago

This release comes with two new changes:

  1. Our all-new GitHub integration is now available for everyone! You can connect your GitHub account at and that's all you need to be able to search your issues and pull requests.

  2. Search results are now sorted based on recency.

1 year ago

For this minor version bump, we've polished up several existing features:

  • File sharing is now instantaneous and displays a silent notification.

  • Everyone now has a default avatar; this fixes an issue with some users having a blank avatar on the app.

  • Improved notification center for workspaces.