New updates and improvements to Clew.
11 months ago
Drag Clew around...

  • The Clew window can now be dragged around and placed anywhere on your screen.

To reposition, click down near the search bar (where it says "type here to search anything") and move your cursor while clicking down. Clew will remember its position and show up where you last placed it anytime you show/hide Clew.

  • Small improvements to the settings menu on the bottom right of the app.

11 months ago
Introducing keyboard shortcuts

Introducing keyboard shortcuts

Once you've searched for something:


  • Press TAB to navigate down the list of search results

  • SHIFT + TAB will take you up the list

  • Press ENTER to open the focused file


If you press TAB when there are no search results displayed, the focus will automatically go to the files you have pinned. In effect, you can open Clew (OPTION + SPACE), hit TAB to navigate to the pinned file you want, and press ENTER to open it without ever having to use your cursor.


When opening Clew via the keyboard shortcut (option + space ), the app will now always automatically focus on the search bar so you can type without having to manually click on the search bar.

11 months ago
Introducing dark-mode

Introducing a fresh, dark-mode first design for Clew.

![clew-image-1.png]( =100%)

  • Fixed auto-updater. Spotty internet connection while the app's downloading an update sometimes caused an error that required restarting the app. This issue has been fixed.

  • Clicking on an avatar on the team-bar will now open a list of files shared between you and them.

11 months ago
Removing Workspaces

It's finally here! 🎉

A few key improvements and changes:

  • No more Workspaces. You can now simply invite anyone to collaborate from within the app using their email address. If they're a member of Clew we'll ping them on their app, otherwise, we'll send them an email to get them set up with Clew.

  • We've introduced hints for /slash commands. Just type a "/" into the search bar to see a list of commands available to you, and how to use them.

  • We've made app updates more seamless. Updates for Clew are now automatically downloaded in the background. You'll get a notification and a small notice within the app to close and reopen it to finish installing the update; and that's all there is to it.

1 year ago
New look!

The three digit version bump really does this update injustice. We've shipped a brand new look for Clew and made improvements across the app in anticipation of our version 1.0 launch.

Stay hyped and keep on searching ✌️