A better way
to work

Clew makes documentation, collaboration, and finding information easy. Whether you’re running a project or building a company wiki, Clew is where your work comes together.

Powerful search and graph view
Daily desk
Roll-up your
tasks, meetings and priorities into one view
Powerful editor
Designed to
help you better think, plan, and
do work
Connect all your tools.
Used by folks at
Essential product for any growing org — able to search across your knowledge base, cloud storage, and other collaborative tools.
Trevor Sookraj
Founder, Divisional
I've been using Clew for the past few weeks and absolutely LOVE it. It's so great to have all my documents, designs, in one place.
Ish Baid
Founder, Virtually
Clew is one of those products that reminds you that when technology is coupled with great design, the result can be indistinguishable from magic.
Armin Khayatian
Associate, BCG
It’s one thing to have a useful product, it’s another to find one that also has great UX/UI. Excited for this product.
Michael Lay
Software Engineer

Search & Discovery

Clew makes full use of your knowledge base by surfacing what’s relevant, where and when you need it so you don’t waste 20% of your work week looking for information.

You’re not visually reminded of any digital clutter and you can rest easy knowing everything is a few keystrokes away

Organize your work

A powerful knowledge base centred around powerful tagging so you don’t need to think hard about maintaining or organizing.

Make notes, run projects, and document in Clew with rich content blocks that support all your thoughts and ideas

Create your system

Everyone has their own workflows and preferences that help them do their best work. Different types of work require different systems of organization. Clew provides a set of familiar tools that let you create your own system, in a way that suits you best.

By capturing all your work in one place, you're always on top of everything, across all the tools you use.

Get on the same page

Need to collaborate? Share a view in just two clicks.

Collaborative work revolves around the files and tasks that different people are working on. When you need to get on the same page, a shared views is the perfect canvas for quickly sharing your work and progress.